CyberWeek Event Offer – “The Classics” Audio Series

CyberWeek Event Offer
(good until Sunday, December 3, 2017)

“The Classics” Audio Teleconference Series
The complete 43 session series
(regular price, $1499)

As happened last year, I have been asked by some of my coaching clients to make available one of my products at a discount

during the Black Friday-CyberWeek Event.


I have decided to offer my audio tape series for $500 (regular price $1499) until Sunday, December 3, 2017

This is an update of my Audio Series which is based on “The Classics” tried and true methods to help insure your success in this, or any, economy.

These 43 sessions are not intended to be some sort of magic wand, just proven techniques and real solutions that really work in any economy!


The presentations include:

*Scintillating marketing presentations using the Feature-Accomplishment-Benefit (FAB) format;
*When to Stop Beating Dead Horses (Employers and Candidates);
*Techniques of the Superstars;
*The Concept of Inverted Cones – the natural progression to become a ‘Power Broker’;
*Sales Linkage – a quick way to make a non-adversarial presentation and to determine if objections are real or imagined;
*The Eight Point Candidate Prep;
*Planning & Organization, Part I & Part II
*Your Desk as a Manufacturing Plant;
…and 35 more…

This set is on 4 DVD discs, MP3 format, and includes documents that are provided in both Adobe Acrobat & MS Word.

Contact us and we will ship this set the next day.

As always I send my best,