Negotiating Techniques Adapted for the Tenured Recruiter – Part 10

Negotiating Techniques

Adapted for the Tenured Recruiter

–A Thirteen Part Series–

Part Ten

Bob Marshall

June 30, 2020

The Third Key Element in a Negotiating Sequence is



Get the information early when it’s easiest to come by.  Remember, negotiation isn’t an event; it’s a process through which you work.  In most instances, there’s more to gathering information than playing humble, and merely saying, “Help Me!”  Generally, you have to give information in order to get some in return.  You gradually give selective information for these three reasons:

1.  It’s more blessed to give than to receive.

2.  Perceptive people won’t communicate with you beyond the chitchat level until reciprocal risks take place.  They won’t share information with you until you have shared some commensurate information with them.  To persuade someone to advance to another square, you have to advance to another square, seemingly on an “even-Steven” basis with their revelations.  This is mutual risk taking behavior; the deliberate building of a two-way trust.

3.  When you give carefully worded and controlled information during the “process stage”, you hope to lower the expectation level of the other side.  When you are getting the information, be aware of “indirect” or unintentional cues.  Sometimes, it is considered the “Freudian Slip”, things that just happen to slip out.  These might be verbal cues, the tone or the emphasis they use when they’re talking.  Or behavioral cues, the body language, the tenseness or the relaxing posture, the arms folded across the chest, or open at their sides.  Be aware of these indirect cues.

And remember this:  The initial “No” is a reaction, not a position.  As Cohen states, people who react negatively to your proposal simply need time to evaluate it and adjust their thinking.  With the passage of sufficient time and repeated efforts on your part, almost every “no” can be transformed into a “maybe” and eventually a “yes”.

Next week:  Part Eleven – Negotiating Styles – Winning at All Costs

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