The 6 Lies That Block Your Success – Part Five

The 6 Lies That Block Your Success

–A Nine-Part Series–

Part Five

Bob Marshall

July 6, 2021

Part Five

The Fallacy of Multitasking – Focus & Concentration

Focus & Concentration is Key!

Last year I started coaching a recruiter with a few years of experience under his belt.  He was very well educated at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD and had risen to attain the rank of Captain in US Navy.  In getting to know him, I found out that he had been a fighter pilot in the Navy and had landed on aircraft carriers.  Now, I still have a problem believing that large planes can fly, but this fellow had actually landed on carriers…

According to the Captain, when landing on an aircraft carrier, you only need to concentrate and focus on 5 things:

1.  Airspeed;

2.  Attitude (8-9 degrees);

3.  Rate of descent;

4.  Line-up;

5.  Meatball or Ball.

Recruiters Focus

Thinking about that Navy fighter pilot, I wanted to determine how recruiters can adapt his training of landing on an aircraft carrier to what you do for a living?

In recruitment, you also only need to focus on a few things to be successful.  Here are my 6:

1.  At the beginning of each day, focus on activities that lead to money;

2.  Realize that your true value to your firm is your ability to pick up the phone and speak into it;

3.  Concentrate on making scintillating presentations by choosing the right verbiage;

4.  Make a lot of presentations on a daily basis;

5.  Know that all JOs are not created equal;

6.  Inspect what you expect by following an effective monitoring system.

Focus on things over which you have control

Things, as a recruiter, over which you have control:

1.  Your attitude (see the book, One Day in the life of Ivan Denisovich);

(And here we have Ivan Denisovich who had every reason in the world to complain and doesn’t!  And then we have our recruiters who really have no reason in the world to complain, and they do!  You do, indeed, have control over your own Attitude!!

2.  The number of calls you make;

3.  The ability to hone your skills keeping in mind that practice doesn’t make perfect; only Perfect Practice makes Perfect;

4.  Your daily planning & organization including the tracking of your numbers and ratios. 

Managing Your Time by Edwin Bliss

1.  Plan.  You need a game plan for your day.  Otherwise, you’ll allocate your time according to whatever happens to land on your desk.  And you will find yourself making the final mistake of dealing primarily with problems rather than opportunities.  Start each day by making a general schedule, with particular emphasis on the two or three major things you would like to accomplish – including things that will achieve long-term goals.  Remember, studies prove what common sense tells us:  the more time we spend planning a project, the less total time is required for it.  Don’t let today’s busywork crowd planning time out of your schedule. 

Next week:  Part Six – A Disciplined Life

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