What Do You Do When You Feel Overwhelmed? – Part One

What Do You Do When You Feel Overwhelmed?

–A Ten Part Series–

Part One

Bob Marshall

May 23, 2023

Part One

David’s Dilemma

The Call…

David is a tenured recruiter.  He and I have known each other professionally for some time now.  In fact, I was David’s coach during the year that he billed over $1,000,000!

He knows that I teach recruitment technique and have for many years.  He is one of a group of tenured recruiters who, with all due respect, know how to make marketing calls, how to make recruiting calls, etc.  In other words, they know the basics, but they also know of my strong predisposition for reinforcing the “nuts and bolts” of our business.

But David had some questions that often affect tenured recruiters like himself and his colleagues.  He posed the following questions in an email to me:

  • Why do we feel overwhelmed and what we can do to combat that?
  • When we do feel overwhelmed, what and where should we start and be doing as a recruiter?
  • What are the variables that we can control to determine success in this business?
  • We cannot determine outcomes, but we can do the process that will give us the results we desire.

Bob, think about writing an article about this, I think every recruiter battles this at times.

My Answer…

David, ever since you sent me this email, I have been pondering the answers to your questions, but those answers seemed elusive until today as I was getting ready to send out my last installment in one of my coaching series.  On one item entitled, “The Law of Consistency”, I talk about Planning and Organization, and for me it seemed to strike at the heart of your questions.  See what you think. 

The Law of Consistency

Do it and do it and do it…over day after day after day.  Of course, it’s hard work, but it’s no different than any hard work.

And the key is Planning and Organization.

Next week:  Part 2 – The Poem

Bob Marshall began his recruiting career over 42 years ago at MR in Reno, NV.  In 1986 he established The Bob Marshall Group, International, where he has trained recruiters throughout the United States but also in the United Kingdom, Malta and Cyprus.  With a dedication for executive recruiting, he continues to offer his proven training systems to individuals, firms and private corporations both domestic and in select international territories.  To learn more about his activities and descriptions of his products and services, contact him directly @770-898-5550; bob@themarshallplan.org; or visit his website @ www.TheMarshallPlan.org.