Testimonial of David Thaler

Consistent Top Billers always do the following:

  1. They stay on the phone more often than not; usually double to triple the time of an average biller.
  2. They do each call with higher quality, by doing it more often.
  3. They know they will be successful; they expect success.  When they make a placement they instantly use that excitement and get back on the phone.  They use that excitement to make more calls with a higher success rate.  You’re in the ZONE.
  4. Delimiting your marketplace by having borders; get 1500 companies in your niche and call them all every quarter and you should develop 4% or 60 as clients and make multiple placements with them.
  5. Top billers always know their numbers and ratios.
  6. Top billers always market to get new blood or business and always hone their marketing skills.
  7. All top billers treat this business as a process, not as a series of events.
  8. All top billers plan the previous day and have an MPC ready to market and hit the phone running for the next day.
  9. All top billers know when to turn down a job order and not waste their time.
  10. All top billers have a lot on their hot sheet; they are not dependent on any one deal at any time.
  11. All top billers use the theory of 3’s which is taking 3 candidates and getting 3 send outs with company X and then calling competitor Y and telling them I have 3 top candidates interviewing with your top competitor on Monday and wanted to see if you wanted to see them on Tuesday.  Then they go to another direct competitor company Z so you have 3 candidates interviewing with 3 companies which is 9 send outs and this will increase your odds tremendously of making multiple placements.
  12. All top billers are focused on the right activity.  They are always on the phone and they discipline themselves to do these things day in and day out and make them into successful habits.

All deficiencies come down to two areas: either a knowledge deficiency or an execution deficiency.  Which one do you have and most importantly what are you going to do about it?

All Big Billers have a desire and drive to Win and be successful.  They have Big ‘Why’ factors; usually bigger than themselves.  They are never satisfied with the status quo.  They want to live up to their full potential.  If you don’t want it bad enough and you’re not willing to pay the price, then you will never have the exhilaration of living up to your full potential and earning the real big bucks.

The Mark of a Champion is Consistency; don’t be a One Hit Wonder.  Make these things a habit and do it with the right Attitude and always be honest, truthful and forthright and you too can be a Big Biller.  The question is, will you step up to the plate and do your part to make this a reality?

I called Bob Marshall and this is just a portion of what he helped me with.  Does it work you say?  At the time I wrote this (on May 31) since January 1st, I have billed $628,805.00—on track to bill over a million dollars within one year—this is why I called Bob. Can he do the same for you?  I don’t know, but would highly recommend you call him for a consultation; we received our money back in spades. Thank you Bob Marshall!  You can email him bob@themarshallplan.org or call him at (770) 898-5550.  I will follow up in December and let everyone know what I billed for the year.  May God bless and prosper you all.

(*Bob’s postscript:  For the year 2006, David ended up billing $1,010,349.50)